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Tseung Kwan O, THE BEAUMOUNT, 第05座, High, Room: B, Saleable: 499ft², Gross: 658ft²
Price $7.76M
Tseung Kwan O, LOHAS PARK PH 01 THE CAPITOL , 第05座, Middle, Room: RD, Saleable: 704ft², Gross: 943ft²
Price $9.5M
Tseung Kwan O, LOHAS PARK PH 05A MALIBU, 第02A座, High, Room: C, Saleable: 454ft²
Price $9.58M
Agent Info.
Name : Chinny Wu
Mobile : 6600 0328
License No : S-042822
Name : Maggie Fong
Mobile : 9188 0710
License No : S-604833
Name : Terrence Lee
Mobile : 9071 9155
License No : --

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Our company Lohas Property Limited was founded in 2012 by the hard work of two industry professionals, who each have over 30 years' experience in the Hong Kong property market.

Now well-established and with over 10 licensed agents under our company, we specialize in Tseung Kwan O property for sale, as well as Tseung Kwan O property for rent.

Our comprehensive and professional services cater towards properties in our area such as Lohas Park, The Beaumont, O'East Malibu, Le Splendeur, Wings At Sea, Le Prime, and Hemera. What's more, in order to diversify our offerings, our company also provides free property valuation, mortgage referrals, mergers and acquisitions and other property-related services as well.

With our expertise and well-rounded services, clients are promised a complete peace of mind while using our services.

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